Monday, April 22, 2024

New cattle cross loader lifts safety for drivers and livestock

A new cattle cross loader at the largest livestock selling centre in the southern hemisphere is set to improve safety for drivers transporting livestock.

The facility, at the IOR diesel stop in Roma, is now open and free to use, thanks to AgForce’s corporate partner IOR and its collaboration with Maranoa Regional Council, RyTrans, Roma Transport Services, and the Livestock and Rural Transporters Association of Queensland.

AgForce says the traditional method of transferring cattle between road train crates, by reversing two trucks together and having the driver manually climb over the stock crate to push along stubborn animals from one truck to the other is considered one of the most dangerous activities for both drivers and livestock.

It says the new cross loader, modelled on IOR’s popular cattle cross loader facility in Port Augusta, South Australia, will improve productivity, safety for drivers, and animal welfare.

It enables road trains or B-Triples to be driven to the side of a module fitted with gates and unloaded into a B-Double reversed onto the other side.

AgForce says it acknowledges and appreciates IOR’s contribution to the industry with this simple yet high-functioning machine.

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