Thursday, May 30, 2024

Monitor to be appointed to Buloke Shire Council

Victorian Minister for Local Government, Melissa Horne, has today announced a municipal monitor will be appointed to Buloke Shire Council to support good governance processes and practices at the council.

Peter Harriott will begin as municipal monitor to the Council from 9 May until 31 December. He will provide a report to the Minister at the end of his term.

Mr Harriott has extensive experience and knowledge in local government, having worked in the sector over the past 30 years. He served as Chief Executive Officer at Greater Shepparton City Council from 2016 to early 2024, and has provided specialist governance advice to Strathbogie Shire Council.

Mr Harriott will advise and support Buloke Shire Council, and will ensure stability for the council in the lead up to and following the October 2024 elections, the Minister said.

“Through his extensive knowledge of local government, Mr Harriott will support Buloke Shire Council to improve its governance and better meet the needs of the community it serves,” said Ms Horne.

The terms of reference for municipal monitors direct them to advise and provide any relevant assistance and support to the council to improve its governance processes and practices.

“Buloke Shire Council shares the Minister’s for Local Government’s commitment to Good Governance and Councillors and officers will work closely with the Monitor to strengthen improve governance and better meet the needs of the community,” the Council said in an online statement.

The Victorian Government has introduced reforms to the Local Government Act 2020 to support and improve governance and integrity standards in Victoria’s 79 councils ahead of the new council term following the local government elections this October.

The reforms will introduce mandatory training for elected representatives, a uniform councillor code of conduct and strengthened powers for the Minister to address councillor conduct.

Information about the reforms, as well as the terms of reference for monitors, is available at:

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