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Michelin rolls out self-regenerating tyre

An innovative new self-regenerating tyre is capturing the attention of Australia’s transport industry.

The new evolution of steer tyre – Michelin’s X Multi Z2 – features approximately a quarter mile of continuous steel wire wrapped around the tyre circumference, increasing stability and durability throughout its service life.

The additional steel layer helps to strengthen the tread area of the tyre. 

The Infinicoil technology provides a more stable and even footprint for more even wear and increased grip on the road.

It also delivers an impressive 20 to 30% improvement on tyre lifespan.

“We believe strongly in making innovation a key part of our strategy. Innovation, wherever it comes from, is a crucial driver of our development, of competitiveness, and of longevity for your company or business activities,” says the team behind the Michelin technology.

The Michelin Technology Centre employs more than 6,000 people in over 350 different areas of expertise, including researchers, engineers, developers and testers. More than 10,200 patents are active worldwide, having been filed by the Michelin Technology Centre.

“We know that the R&D of new products, new materials and new technologies matters to your business. Our new technologies make tyres safer, longer-lasting, more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly over the long run.”

Michelin X multi Z2 – from the Michelin X Multi Tyre Family – follows the generational tyre products: Michelin XZE, XZE2, XZE2+ and X Multi Z.

Each takes a generational step forward in safety, mileage, grip, even wear, and casing endurance.

“The X Multi Z2 features three ground-breaking technologies – Infinicoil, Regenion, Duracoil,” says B2B Commercial Director for Michelin Australia, Nathan Flynn.

Infinicoil – Michelin endurance over the tyre’s lifetime

“It’s an additional steel layer within the tyre which features a single steel cable which is wrapped around the tyre and this helps to strengthen the tread area of the tyre.”

“The advantage of the Infinicoil technology is it provides a more stable and even footprint for more even wear and increased grip on the road.”

Infinicoil also allows an increased load capacity and a more robust casing which is perfect for the tough conditions we have here in Australia, he says.

Regenion – Michelin technology for a sustainable mobility

Crucially, the X Multi Z2 tyre features self-regenerating tread blocks.

The tread pattern self regenerates as the tyre wears, ensuring consistent grip and traction throughout its lifetime in all weather conditions.

“The technology is an innovative pattern which features self-regenerating tread blocks. This technology was made possible by Michelin’s expertise in 3D metal printing – leading to the innovative tread pattern that is the X Multi Z2,” says Flynn.

The Regenion technology also allows for better water circulation for improved wet weather handling.

As part of Michelin’s X multi range, the X Multi Z2 is a tyre for heavy duty vehicles operating in a range of national and regional settings.

The two Michelin engineers behind the Regenion technology won a European Inventor Award in the Industry category in 2018.

Michelin Grip – mile after mile

The Michelin X Multi Z2 has a 10mm wider contact patch for improved traction and more even wear.

Thanks to the more even wear and self-regenerating pattern, the tyre offers increased tyre life of up to 20-30% for market leading tyre mileage.

This means greater peace of mind, minimal downtime and less preventative maintenance needed.

This is combined with a 9% reduction in rolling resistance, reduced fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Duracoil – technology – a reinforced bead for greater robustness

“We make high-quality products that last longer. To achieve this goal, this technology adds a reinforcement to the bead area of the tyre, for greater robustness. Our premium nylon protects the bead structure and makes it more stable while driving,” says Michelin Senior Field Engineer, Darren Wong.

“Michelin Tyres are designed to deliver performances, made to last.”

Fleet managers are sold on X Multi Z2

For Followmont Transport CEO, Mark Tobin, the introduction of the Michelin X Multi Z2 tyre has been a game changer for the business.

“We’re currently using all products across all fleets, from forklifts to cars, road trains, Michelin is our main supplier of tyres. Today we do 150,000 kilometres every day and we haven’t had an issue with a steer tyre,” he says.

Followmont Transport’s General Fleet Manager, Will Fisher, says the mileage being achieved with the X Multi Z2 is simply “unheard of” in the industry.

“There’s a lot of difference in a lot of tyres. Michelin has spent many millions of dollars in developing solutions for their customers and we can see that in this tyre that we’re using today,” says Fisher.

“The mileage increase is amazing – 20 to 30% on our line haul trucks is unheard of.

“The grip is amazing and because of the way that the tread is designed, the grip is the same throughout the whole life of the tyre, which gives our drivers much more confidence, especially this time of the year when it tends to be very wet in the northern parts of Queensland.”

Emerald Carrying Company, Business Analyst, Adrian Hing says the X Multi Z2 tyre has vastly improved the company’s on-road performance.

“The X Multi Z2 provides more mileage because of the Infinicoil technology, which provides more stable footprint to our tyre,” says Hing.

“The mileage is approximately 20 to 30% higher than what we currently use. A 20 to 30% increase in mileage results in greater productivity on our end and reduces downtime, which enables us to deliver our product quicker and safer to our customers.”

And for AJM Transport General Manager, Dennis Roohan the tyre has proven itself in the most trying of Australian conditions.

“We concentrated solely on the Michelin brand, purely on performance. 

CPK dictates everything in this business and we’re looking for the most efficient tyre that’s available,” says Roohan.

“The X Multi Z2 performed outstanding – we gained well over 30% across the board. It has a very good feel. It held the road very well and performed very well in wet conditions.

“With the Infinicoil technology and the tyre’s ability to hold its shoulder wear – that’s what gave us the additional wear.

“It was a lot easier than our current tyre to maintain, with zero rotation and zero flipping of the tyres on the ground.”

For Australian fleet managers, it seems, there is only one tyre choice in steer tyres.

“Michelin tyres reduce our CPK – and it’s about dependability for the various types of deliveries we make,” says Emerald Carrying Company’s Wayne Mowat. “We would highly recommend Michelin tyres.”

Michelin – performance and sustainability

In addition to its on-road innovations, Michelin has a global aim that by 2050, 100% of its tyres sold worldwide will be sustainable.

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