Saturday, May 25, 2024

Mayoral election deferred until October

The position of Fremantle Mayor will remain unfilled until the ordinary local government elections in October following approval from the Electoral Commissioner.

The Mayoral position became vacant when Mayor Brad Pettitt was elected to represent the South Metropolitan region in the Legislative Council at the state election in March.

Last month Fremantle Council voted to seek the approval of Electoral Commissioner Robert Kennedy to allow the City of Fremantle’s Mayoral vacancy to remain unfilled until October.

The Commissioner this week advised that in accordance with section 4.17(2) of the Local Government Act 1995 his approval was given to defer filling the vacancy.

Deputy Mayor Andrew Sullivan, who will continue to fulfil the duties of Mayor, said with local government elections just a few months away it was sensible not to hold an extraordinary election to fill the Mayoral vacancy.

“Holding an extraordinary election would cost the City around $100,000 and it doesn’t seem like a wise use of ratepayers money knowing that we’ll be holding ordinary elections in October anyway,” Cr Sullivan said.

“For potential candidates, they would have to put a lot of time and effort into a Mayoral campaign only to have to do it all again a few months later.

“And for the voters, it would seem strange to go through the process of electing a new Mayor now and then have go through that process again in October.” 

Cr Sullivan also congratulated Dr Pettitt on his election to State Parliament.

“Brad has served on Fremantle Council with distinction for almost 16 years and since 2009 has been an outstanding Mayor,” Cr Sullivan said.

“Through Brad’s stewardship we have laid the foundations for a strong economic future for Fremantle, while also making Fremantle a model for sustainable development and a leader on important issues such as Aboriginal reconciliation and the environment.    

“I thank him for his long and dedicated service to our community and expect he will continue to be a strong advocate for Fremantle in his new role in the Legislative Council.”

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