Thursday, May 30, 2024

Lockyer Valley councillor portfolios announced

Portfolios for the newly-elected Lockyer Valley Regional Council have been officially appointed.

During its recent Ordinary Council Meeting, Council formally allocated portfolio responsibilities to the Mayor and Councillors as follows:

  • Civic Leadership and Regional Development – Mayor Tanya Milligan
  • Corporate Services – Deputy Mayor Chris Wilson
  • Infrastructure – Cr Michael Hagan
  • Planning and Development – Cr David Neuendorf
  • Liveability and the Circular Economy – Cr Julie Reck
  • Environment and Regulatory Services – Cr Cheryl Steinhardt
  • Sport and Recreation – Cr Anthony Wilson

Mayor, Tanya Milligan said the appointments followed internal consultation with Councillors, the CEO and Group Managers.

“Since 2008, Council has adopted a Portfolio model of operating so that Councillors are able to focus on key strategic and functional areas within the organisation, and work closely with Council’s Leadership Team,” she said.

“This approach allows workload and responsibilities to be shared and better managed.

“The functional areas of Council, as detailed in the Corporate Plan and Organisational Structure, have been divided into distinct areas of focus, with the Councillor Portfolio linked to these as far as possible.

“Aligning the Portfolios in this manner will allow individual Councillors to work with the allocated organisational Group Manager, and importantly, it provides guidance to the community on which Councillor is best-placed to approach and discuss a specific issue or concern they may have.”

Council CEO, Ian Church, acknowledged there was no legislative requirement for Council to implement its specific Portfolio model, and it could be reviewed and changed by Council resolution at any time.

Deputy Mayor, Chris Wilson suggested the new portfolios more evenly shared responsibilities than it had in the previous term, and recommended a review in 12 months’ time to ensure it was working well.

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