Thursday, June 20, 2024

LGAQ welcomes works funding boost after ‘relentless’ campaign for its return

The Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) has welcomed today’s announcement of $300 million for the Works for Queensland program over the next three years. 

LGAQ President and Sunshine Coast Mayor, Mark Jamieson said councils had been campaigning for the program to continue and for funding to be restored to $100 million annually.

“Works for Queensland is critical to the liveability and sustainability of 65 councils across Queensland, and the local communities they represent,” said Mayor Jamieson.

“This is why the LGAQ has been relentless in its campaign to have this funding secured and at the right amount of $100 million per year, as well as for a top up round to account for the reduction in funding over the last three years.

“We thank the Premier for ensuring the future of this crucial program and for announcing the restoration of the program back to $100 million a year over the next three years.”

The Premier also announced the GasFields Commission’s remit would be expanded to take in renewables projects, with the establishment of Local Energy Partnerships.

The Premier announced $9.25 million to fund the partnerships that will include local councils, universities and industry groups like the Queensland Farmers’ Federation to address concerns including infrastructure, housing and supply chain issues.

Mayor Jamieson said communities should be front and centre of renewables development.

“As we have consistently said in response to the Energy and Jobs Plan, Queensland councils and the communities they represent support new development and a clean energy future,” he said.

“If communities are hosting major renewable energy generation, it’s only right that they benefit from their fair share of the economic and social benefits that will come from these large-scale projects.

“That means locking in social licence with upfront, detailed guarantees of improved liveability in these areas, not to their detriment, damage or destruction for the benefit of proponents.

“Today’s announcement reflects feedback we have provided to the State Government and we look forward to hearing more details about the frameworks that are needed to lock in social licence and ensure everyone benefits from the renewable energy boom.”

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