Sunday, May 26, 2024

Horsham to raise Young Mayors

A new partnership between Horsham Rural City Council and the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA), will back young people in the region to take on a more active role in local democracy and decision making. 

Building on the foundations of the existing HRCC youth council, the Young Mayors program will support people aged 17 and under to get elected to the youth council. 

Young council members will work together to define priority action areas, and be supported with a fund to deliver projects and campaigns linked to these in their local communities. 

“Our Youth Councillors have made an incredible contribution to the Horsham community through event and community organising. But we know they were keen to do even more,” Council’s Youth Services Planning and Engagement Officer, Louise Barnett said.

“Young Mayors will bring this to life as an active part of our local government – with opportunities to learn about and participate in the systems that govern their lives, and influence decisions that impact their community.”

FYA’s Executive Director of Civic and Cultural Engagement, Molly Whelan said the program will foster civic identity at a young age, leading to greater participation in the democratic process and more engaged citizens. 

“Local governments play a huge role in the everyday lives of people in our communities, and that includes young people. But young people are often locked out of power – consulted but never in charge,” she said.

“This program puts young people in the driver’s seat – ensuring that council policies and programs better reflect the concerns, needs, and desires of local young people.”

The Young Mayors program has been designed by FYA and is based on successful UK models.

The Horsham Young Mayors Program is supported by the Victorian Government Department of Families, Fairness and Housing through the Engage program.

More information: Young Mayors program.

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