Monday, June 17, 2024

Historic water project completed for Tasmania

In a historic milestone for Tasmania’s water infrastructure, the State Government has announced the completion of TasWater’s $243.9 million upgrade to the Bryn Estyn Water Treatment Plant.

The project, one of Tasmania’s largest infrastructure upgrades, solidifies a bright and secure water future for Hobart and its surrounding communities, said Premier, Jeremy Rockliff.

The Premier said that as Tasmania continues to experience population growth and increasing demand for safe and reliable drinking water, the project represents a significant commitment to meet those needs head-on. 

“The Bryn Estyn Water Treatment Plant upgrade is a step towards future-proofing water supply to Greater Hobart for the next half-century. With the capacity to provide 160 million litres of water daily to over 200,000 Tasmanians, this facility stands as a testament to our commitment to ensuring a reliable water source,” the Premier said.

Around 1,500 people were employed directly during the project, with an additional 500 indirectly supported by this project, said Deputy Premier and Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Michael Ferguson.

“At its peak, about 150 individuals were working on-site, contributing their skills and labour to make Bryn Estyn a reality,” the Deputy Premier said. 

“What makes this achievement even more remarkable is about 70% of the contracted work for this project was awarded to Tasmanian companies. This is not just about improving our infrastructure; it’s about boosting our local economy and providing a strong foundation for future growth.

“Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in its early stages, TasWater successfully delivered this monumental project on time and within budget. This achievement showcases the abundant talent within Tasmania’s local workforce and the ability to build world-class infrastructure within the region.

“The Bryn Estyn Water Treatment Plant upgrade marks a significant step forward in ensuring the availability of safe and reliable drinking water for southern Tasmania. This achievement demonstrates Tasmania’s unwavering dedication to its residents’ well-being and sets a shining example for water management projects nationwide.”

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