Thursday, May 30, 2024

Hawkesbury crackdown on illegal dumping

Hawkesbury City Council has held the first of several joint operations with the NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and NSW Police targeting heavy vehicles and illegal dumping in the local government area.

Last Thursday, authorities inspected 23 heavy vehicles and collected information for further investigation in a blitz on Hawkesbury roads.

Council says further blitzes are planned for coming weeks.

Hawkesbury City Deputy Mayor, Barry Calvert said dumping was a serious blight on the community.

“Illegal dumping can have serious consequences for our local environment. It can lead to land contamination, destruction of bushland and degradation of plant and animal habitats,” Clr Calvert said.

“Contaminated waste, including chemicals and asbestos, can also be harmful to humans and animals.

“Please do the right thing for our environment and families, and dispose of waste sensibly and thoughtfully.”

On -the-spot fines can extend from $3,000 for individuals, up to $15,000 for businesses. More serious infringements can extend up to $5 million and/or a jail sentence. Property owners who accept contaminated landfill will also bear the cost of removal, Council said.

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