Sunday, June 23, 2024

Griffith launches investment prospectus

Griffith City Council has launched a new investment prospectus, aimed at driving jobs and economic growth in the region.

The Council says the comprehensive document is designed to attract new businesses and foster development in Griffith.

Council is committed to supporting potential investors, building strong relationships within the business community, and providing the essential resources needed for local businesses to succeed, said Griffith Mayor, Doug Curran.

“Our new Investment Prospectus is a vital tool that showcases the incredible potential and opportunities that Griffith has to offer. It highlights our region’s strengths and the supportive environment we provide for businesses looking to grow and thrive. I encourage every local business to leverage this prospectus, share it with potential investors, and use it as a resource in grant and lending applications,” the Mayor said.

“We need the support of our local business community to spread the word and help us attract new investments that will benefit everyone in Griffith. By working together, we can ensure sustainable economic growth and create new job opportunities for our residents.”

The new prospectus includes key economic indicators, Griffith’s major strengths and industries, expanding economies, future business and investment opportunities, and details on Council support and incentives.

View the new Investment Prospectus here.

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