Saturday, May 25, 2024

Govt awards first offshore wind feasibility licences

The Australian Government has awarded the first feasibility licences for offshore wind projects off the coast of Gippsland in Victoria. 

Six developers now have the green light to explore the feasibility of offshore wind farms within the area declared in December 2022. 

Feasibility licences have been granted or offered to: 

  • High Sea Wind Pty Ltd
  • Gippsland Skies Pty Ltd
  • Blue Mackerel North Pty Ltd
  • Kut-Wut Brataualung Pty Ltd
  • Ørsted Offshore Australia 1 Pty Ltd (Gippsland 01)   
  • Star of the South Wind Farm Pty Ltd

In a statement, the Government said licence holders can begin the assessment work needed to determine the feasibility of their proposed offshore wind projects. This can include potential approvals under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. 

Another six licences have progressed to First Nations consultation.

These include:

  • Iberdrola Australia OW 2 Pty Ltd (Aurora Green)
  • Greater Gippsland 2 OWP Project Pty Ltd (Gippsland Dawn)
  • Navigator North Project Pty Ltd
  • Ørsted Offshore Australia 1 Pty Ltd (Gippsland 02)
  • Kent Offshore Wind Pty Ltd
  • Great Eastern Offshore Wind Farm Project Co Pty Ltd

These 12 projects could generate 25 GW of electricity, the Government said.

“Granting feasibility licences is a major step towards making Australia a renewable energy superpower,” it said.

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