Friday, April 26, 2024

Georges River storms water awards

Georges River Council has won the Award for Excellence in Integrated Stormwater Design at the Stormwater NSW 2021 Awards for its Gannons Park Water Quality Improvement and Stormwater Harvesting Scheme.

Council’s large-scale landscape and stormwater treatment project focused on reinstating a section of Boggywell Creek to develop significant public space and improve the community’s connection to environmental processes.

The innovative project involved the removal of concrete stormwater pipes, and the construction and reinstatement of natural waterway features including swales, wetlands, ponds and bioretention systems.

“We are very proud to have won the Award for Excellence in Integrated Stormwater Design and to have been recognised for our Gannons Park Water Quality Improvement and Stormwater Harvesting Scheme,” said Georges River Council General Manager, Gail Connolly.

“Our community really values open space, and not only as a place for recreation, but also to actively contribute to a better environment, through ways such as improving water quality and increasing biodiversity.

“We’re pleased to deliver public spaces, such as the upgraded Gannons Park, that protect and support our environment, while also providing our community with high quality places to exercise, relax and connect with nature.”

Ms Connolly said that as a result of the project the local environment has improved, with the works increasing terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity, improving the quality of stormwater entering the Georges River and saving potable water, while creating opportunities for the community to enjoy the park through the associated landscaping, shared path and facilities.

The harvested stormwater is set to be used to irrigate the regionally significant sporting fields on the upper section of the park as part of the upcoming Stage 4 project water treatment plant.

The Stormwater NSW Awards for Excellence encourage and celebrate excellence in the innovation, development, completion and management of stormwater projects and the people involved.

When awarding the prize, Stormwater NSW congratulated Georges River Council, saying: “This was a great project with a site that demonstrates a very good example of how this style of design can enhance a community’s resource. This project is very much deserving as the excellence in Integrated Stormwater Design. Excellent work in integrated stormwater management – well done team!”

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