Saturday, May 25, 2024

Geelong’s greater planting plan

Greater Geelong Council is inviting community input into a plan to boost tree planting in the city over the next 10 years and beyond.

Council says more trees throughout the region will mean more shade, cleaner air and more appealing places to live. 

“The project is part of a broader Council commitment to achieve 25% tree canopy cover by 2045 across urban Geelong, along with delivering Council’s Climate Change Adaption Strategy and reaching net zero emissions community-wide by 2035,” Council said in a statement.

It says the purpose of the community engagement is to gather data on community values and ambitions for tree planting including:

  • Gathering feedback and understanding community priorities around the benefits of trees;
  • Capturing values, preferences and behaviours linked to trees;
  • Identifying specific locations in which the community would like to see tree planting;
  • Identifying elements to inform tree species selection such as colour, type etc; and
  • Informing the community of future engagement opportunities.

“I welcome the initiative and encourage residents across the municipality to contribute to the conversation,” said Greater Geelong Mayor, Peter Murrihy.

“We’ve long understood the benefits of trees to our everyday lives from filtering clean air and helping curb climate change to creating homes for hundreds of species of birds and animals.

“We value the involvement of Greater Geelong residents in this engagement process and welcome their input to ensure that we select the right trees and plant them where they are needed most.”

Engagement, with the opportunity to complete a short survey, is now live via and will end on Sunday 28 August.

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