Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Fremantle serves up seasonal trading policy

Fremantle Council has adopted a new policy it says will bring consistency to the management of temporary and seasonal commercial traders on public land within the city.

The Seasonal Trading Policy identifies seven locations around Fremantle that will be made available to seasonal traders, and outlines the process for allocating permits to trade in those locations.

Council says the policy is most suited to traders operating out of mobile structures like a van or trailer, but also includes provisions for semi-permanent structures like retrofitted shipping containers to allow them to remain in place for periods of up to six months.

Fremantle Mayor, Hannah Fitzhardinge said the policy would promote the equitable use of public spaces in the city.

“Fremantle attracts lots of innovative entrepreneurs who are looking to operate seasonal businesses in the many iconic locations around the city,” Mayor Fitzhardinge said.

“These kinds of temporary businesses can be great because they can fill a gap in the market by providing tourism and recreation related services that aren’t already available.

“They can also enhance the vibrancy of the area, encourage more visitors to Fremantle and provide a low-cost opportunity for people to trial a new business model.

“However, because these locations are on public land, we need to ensure there’s a fair and transparent process that provides everyone with an equal opportunity to use the space.

“We also need to be sure the mobile trading activity is appropriate for the area, doesn’t cause any nuisance to surrounding residents or businesses, and that seasonal traders don’t interfere or conflict with the city’s permanent retailers.”

She said the new policy introduces key guiding principles to ensure seasonal trading activity is consistent with the City’s vision of Fremantle as a destination city, and an application and approval process that is clear and fair for everyone.

The seasonal trading locations identified in the policy include Bathers Beach, South Beach, Port Beach, Leighton Beach and the hardstand in front of the WA Shipwrecks Museum.

Permits will be made available for each location for two six-month periods each year, with traders required to submit an Expression of Interest application for each new season. The City will be releasing a guide on how to participate in the process shortly.

Businesses will be able to operate for multiple continuous seasons.

The policy does not apply to the operation of food trucks or vans, promotional stalls, fundraising activities, busking or events.

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