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First EPA officer appointed to Mildura

The northwest Victorian city of Mildura now has its first dedicated Environment Protection Officer, with the Environment Protection Authority Victoria announcing the appointment Michael Lindeman to the role. 

Mr Lindeman (pictured, below), who is already well known locally after having served four years as the Officer for the Protection of the Local Environment (OPLE), was selected for the job because of his knowledge of and commitment to the local community and the region, the EPA said in a statement.

“We have new powers under the Environment Protection Act 2017 which came into effect on 1 July 2021. Mildura is growing fast and there is a large industrial presence throughout the region. It is great to see EPA dedicating more resources to our area, and now we have a dedicated authorised officer as well as continuing with council to maintain the OPLE role,” said Mr Lindeman.

“Some of the big issues that have emerged in my time here as an OPLE involve significant waste issues like the illegal disposal of sileage, tyres, concrete, etc, industrial noise, and of course, fast growth means residential and industrial construction dust adding to the dust that’s often blown in off farms.

“I plan to continue working with the community and council to find ways to improve those situations in particular.” 

He was congratulated on his appointment by EPA North-West Regional Manager, Dr Scott Pigdon.

“Having someone who already knows the Mildura community and local issues is a fantastic result for EPA, Michael moved there with his family eight years ago, and for a large part of that time he was the local OPLE, which will really help him hit the ground running,” said Dr Pigdon.

“EPA is regularly in the Mildura area working on a number of waste issues, regulating industry and responding to community pollution reports. However, It’s one of our biggest areas, and one of our farthest points, in the North-West and we’re really pleased we’re able to put more resources up there and have a continuous presence,” said Dr Pigdon.

Dr Pigdon said EPA and Mildura Rural City Council were recruiting to fill the OPLE position, and Mr Lindeman will play a key role in supporting the new OPLE.

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