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Doors open to Nillumbik sustainable housing trail

Nillumbik Shire Council is supporting a local Sustainable House Day event, which aims to show local residents how they can save on energy bills by incorporating sustainable features in their homes.

Sustainable House Day – The Nillumbik Trail is run by Clean Energy Nillumbik (CEN) and supported by Council. CEN is a volunteer community group who have partnered with Council to deliver a suite of sustainability activities. Its mission is to urgently transition Nillumbik to be a renewably powered community, Council said in a statement.

During Sustainable House Day – The Nillumbik Trail, Shire residents with sustainable houses open their doors to show visitors how to make their homes more comfortable and less expensive to run. Houses on this year’s tour are located in Hurstbridge, Research, Eltham, St Andrews and nearby in Montmorency.

Deputy Mayor, Karen Egan said Sustainable House Day was an opportunity to gain insight and inspiration into sustainable home features.

“Not only can you tour local houses that have incorporated sustainable features on a large and small scale, but you can also chat with the owners,” Cr Egan said.

“Many improvements are affordable and don’t require a large budget or a long time to implement. With plenty of features retrofitted to existing houses, it’s not just helpful for those embarking on a new build or renovation – everyone can pick up ideas.”

Homes on the trail have a minimum of four sustainable features. Some elements included in participating properties are insulation, double-glazing, energy-efficient appliances such as heat pump hot water, reverse-cycle heating and cooling, and induction cooktops, solar panels, batteries, electric vehicles, and water-efficient appliances and gardens.

You can look at the features of the open homes online and select a couple to visit. From a significant renovation to a 1970s property in Research to a strawbale home in Eltham and a St Andrews house that was designed using passive solar principles, there is plenty to see. Round out your day with a complimentary coffee at a nearby café.

Attendance is free but you must book your tours before the event. Check out details about all of the participating houses and register at

This event is part of Renew’s nationwide Sustainable House Day program. View the full program at

The Nillumbik Trail will take place on Sunday 21 April.

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