Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Cumberland council bans same-sex parenting books

Councillor Steve Christou.

Cumberland City Councillors have voted to ban same-sex parenting books from the Sydney municipality’s eight libraries.

Councillor and former mayor, Steve Christou submitted the motion ‘that council take immediate action to rid same sex parents books/materials in council’s library service’ at last week’s ordinary meeting.

The motion passed with six councillors in favour of the amendment and five against. Mayor, Lisa Lake was among the councillor who voted against the book ban.

During the council meeting, Cr Christou reportedly held up a picture of a book called ‘Same-Sex Parents’ by author, Holly Duhig. He told the gathered councillors that he had received complaints from local residents about the book.

“Local residents have expressed deep concerns and complained to me about this book being on display in the childrens section of Merrylands Library,” he said in an online statement.

“After raising this issue on behalf of local residents I am informed the book has been taken off library shelves.”

On social media, Cr Christou also outlined his other concerns.

“During this term of Council under a Labor Majority we have had them: 1) Support 6 Weeks Paid Extra Leave for staff that want to have a sex change; 2) Initially Support Drag Queen Story Reading Time to Children – the matter was over turned when hundreds of residents stormed the Council Chambers to voice their concerns; 3) Books like this (pictured, right) have been allowed to be displayed at our libraries.”

“It is my firm belief that the above issues go firmly against the majority of our communities religious beliefs and family values,” he said.

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