Thursday, May 30, 2024

CCTV to be installed at Cassava Dams

CCTV will be installed at the Cassava Dams near Howard after a recent spate of illegal visitors dumping stolen cars and oil in the waterway.

Fraser Coast Regional Councillor, David Lee said the Cassava dam catchment covered an area of about 30 square kilometres and formed part of the Hervey Bay water supply.

“Public access to the Cassava Dams is restricted to stop the water being contaminated,” he said.

“It’s extremely concerning that Council staff have had to deal with vandalism and contamination issues including engine oil being dumped in the water and a stolen car being pushed into the dam and set alight.”

He said Council infrastructure had also been damaged, including being shot at.

“The dams are in the headwaters of Beelbi Creek so these mindless acts not only risk contaminating Hervey Bay’s drinking water supply, there is also a danger that pollution could reach the ocean at Toogoom,” said Cr Lee.

“It’s sad that Council has to resort to installing CCTV to protect the site.

“Residents are reminded that while the Cassava Dams are off limits for public use, there are many other fantastic facilities across the Fraser Coast where people can enjoy the natural environment such as Lake Lenthall or the Wongi Waterholes.”

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