Thursday, May 30, 2024

Bundaberg council puts cloud first

Bundaberg Regional Council (BRC) has announced its status as a ‘cloud first’ council, saying it can now deliver better, smarter, more connected services to the region’s 90,000 residents thanks to the implementation of a new digital system.

Council CIO, Mitch Miller said Council’s digital transformation journey centred on the As a Service (XaaS) model, from global public software provider, Civica.

Mr Miller said Civica’s Authority Altitude had allowed the Council to simplify processes across the organisation – increasing efficiencies, while modernising the IT team’s work practices and making reactive maintenance a thing of the past.

He said he was amazed at how quickly Authority Altitude became operational.

“This doesn’t happen with ERP’s very often, it’s usually the vendor we have to wait for but in this case Civica has surpassed our expectations,” he said.

“Everything we’ve freed ourselves of allows us to continually improve business processes because we no longer need to do traditional back-of-house IT work.

“Our operating costs have also been overhauled – no more asking finance for a million dollars every two to three years, we now have a flat operating expense from year-to-year with zero capital expense.”

Managing Director, Local Government at Civica, Brett Barningham said the company was proud to support the Council in achieving the digital milestone.

“We look forward to supporting BRC on the next steps of its digital journey, building on what we’ve achieved together over the past 14 years,” said Mr Barningham.

He said Authority Altitude, a SaaS cloud solution – which is used by over 300 Councils across Australia and New Zealand – had been developed in Australia in collaboration with local councils.

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