Sunday, May 26, 2024

Brimbank welcomes station precinct build news

Brimbank Council has welcomed the new build for Albion Station announced by the Victorian Government over the weekend.

The rebuild will replace the derelict Albion Station with a more modern and accessible station, the Council said.

“Council has been advocating for a much-needed upgrade for Albion Station for some years now, so this is good news for our communities and Brimbank,” said Brimbank Mayor, Jasmine Nguyen.

‘Council has also welcomed the major upgrades that were announced for Sunshine Station in September.

“These are positive steps towards leveraging the Melbourne Airport Rail project to transform Brimbank and the west, and create positive lasting change.”

Late September, the Victorian Government also announced major upgrades for Sunshine Station as part of the Melbourne Airport Rail (MAR) project.

Council welcomed the commitments, and has urged the government to adopt Council’s full vision for the Sunshine Station Precinct.

Brimbank’s ‘Let’s build it better, together’ Melbourne Airport Rail Project advocacy priorities articulates the shared Council and community vision for the Sunshine Station precinct that includes:

  • redevelopment of Sunshine Station into a regional Superhub;
  • reconstruction of Albion Station into a fit-for-purpose public transport interchange with improved amenity and integration to its surroundings, and
  • integration of both stations into the surrounding precincts in a way that unlocks development opportunities.

Council is also urging a commitment from the government to fund the nine key ideas outlined in the Victorian Government’s ‘Sunshine Station – Developing a Masterplan’ document released earlier this year.

“Making Sunshine Station into a regional superhub makes sense. And developing the Sunshine Central Business District into an international, regional and local visitor destination that delivers office, retail, hotels and community use will have many benefits for the west,” said Mayor Nguyen.

‘We urge the Victorian Government to adopt Council’s full vison for the Sunshine Station Precinct.

“We want to see an airport rail and Sunshine Superhub that unlocks the investment, development and socio-economic potential of the Sunshine area as a gateway to the greater west,” she said.

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