Thursday, April 25, 2024

Bland Shire brews up Free Cuppa support

Five businesses across the NSW Bland Shire have put their hands up to take part in the Free Cuppa campaign to help fight driver fatigue by offering free cuppas to tired drivers from 1 March to 31 May.

The local businesses will join almost 70 businesses from across regional areas of NSW who are participating in the ‘Free Cuppa for the Driver’ scheme, which is entering its 12th year.

The participating businesses will be encouraging drivers to take regular breaks by offering a free tea or coffee to any driver who is more than 100kms away from home.

Since 2010 the scheme has seen more than 27,000 free cuppas given away in 265 participating businesses across 91 towns, villages, and cities in regional NSW. During that time, across NSW fatigue-related crashes have fallen by 19%.

The scheme is an initiative of 21 regional council areas in the Western, South Western, South and Hunter regions of NSW in partnership with Transport for NSW.

Bland Shire Councils’ Road Safety Officer, Karen Trethowan said the second biggest killer on NSW roads is tired drivers.

“When you fall asleep behind the wheel you aren’t able to react by breaking or moving out of the way of hazards, which means the crash is more likely to be fatal,” she said.

‘Free Cuppas’ are available from a broad range of businesses with varied opening hours, making regular breaks and free cuppas very accessible.

“If it wasn’t for the participating businesses supplying the ‘free cuppa’, then this scheme wouldn’t be possible. I would like to thank the five enthusiastic businesses across the Bland Shire who are taking part in this year’s scheme,” she said.

The local participating businesses for 2022 are: Barmedman General Store, Fat Bob and The Blonde, Road Kill Grillz, Tamara’s, and What’s Cookin.

The ‘Free Cuppa’ website,, allows drivers to search for the nearest participating business as well as find useful information on the scheme. There is also a Facebook page that will keep you up to date on the scheme and the participating businesses.

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