Monday, June 24, 2024

Barrington Coast goes on show

MidCoast Council has unveiled a brand new tourism website for the Barrington Coast region, aiming to inspire, showcase and facilitate the immersive experiences the region has to offer.

Council says the new website is another tool for Council’s Destination Management team to increase visitor length of stay, dispersal of visitors and to drive preference for the Barrington Coast within source markets.

Growth Economic Development and Tourism Manager, Deb Tuckerman said the website is a critical asset to market the destination.

“Destination websites play a crucial role in helping visitors not only plan their holidays, but as a source of information once they’re in the region,” said Deb.

“The key is delivering information about the Barrington Coast and its experiences, people and businesses in an exciting and easily digestible format to make Barrington Coast the tourist’s destination of choice”.

The website was softly launched in mid-October with promotion of the site via social media and other online avenues now in full swing.

A website Co-Design workshop was held with the tourism business operators to identify what the industry wanted out of a tourism website. Feedback included having an experience-led, visually impressive site that included the voice of locals.

“Operators also supported having local recommendations on the site,” explained Deb. 

“From our research we know that our visitors increasingly want to get tips and recommendations from the local ‘experts’ in the region. 

“Having website articles or Explore Guides written by locals provides authenticity to the site content and lets our visitors see what it’s like to live like a local. It also allows us to move away from the traditional directory based website into more of an editorial feel, a format we know resonates with our target audiences.”

Explore Guides cover everything from what to do in winter in the Barrington Coast, through to the best spots to snorkel, leveraging locals’ personal experiences in an inviting way to provide information and engage audiences about all the region has to offer. Locals such as Luke Austin of Great Lakes Tackle and Helen Black of Coastal Brewing Company were some of the first to submit their own Explore Guides on fishing in the region and how to experience the best in local produce.

Locals, business owners and regular visitors are encouraged to submit their own Explore Guides for the website.

Visit for more information.

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