Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Armidale lifts lid on new waste contract


Armidale Regional Council says its new waste services operation has had a successful rollout with JR Richards taking over the eight-year contract for the collection of residents’ red and green lid garbage bins and Armidale Recycling Services returning for a new contract.

Council says JR Richards has used route optimisation software and worked closely with the incumbent collection contractors to produce the improved collection schedule, whilst minimising overall changes. The new schedule has also been adopted by Council’s Recycling Contractor, Armidale Recycling Services.

“Due to previous council amalgamation processes, some residents had to put out different bins/crates on different days during the week for collection by the contractor’s trucks,” said Mayor, Sam Coupland.

“Council has been working in partnership with its contractors JR Richards and Armidale Recycling Services to ensure a smooth transition and service improvements, including streamlining the waste collection to ensure all properties now have their waste and recycling bins collected on one day.

“After collection, waste from red-lidded bins is taken to Armidale Regional Landfill, green-lidded FOGO bins are processed into compost at Council’s City 2 Soil facility, and recyclables are further sorted at our local Materials Recovery Facility, baled, and transported to domestic recyclers.”

A handover of weekly and fortnightly waste collection services from the incumbent waste collection services contractor, Cleanaway, to the new contractor, JR Richards took place in February.

“JR Richards and Armidale Recycling Services has used the new collection run schedules to improve customer service and operational efficiencies,” said Mayor Coupland.

“This has resulted in the alignment of the collection days for all waste streams (garbage, FOGO and recycling) for household services, minimising disruptions to the collection schedule whilst allowing for new services and growth areas.” 

The new contracts are designed to keep waste out of landfill and maximise resource recovery through contamination management reporting and ongoing engagement with the community, including letterbox notifications on what can and can’t be accepted in the different waste streams (in accordance with updated EPA guidelines and WHS requirements).

“We are excited about the opportunities to improve and innovate in partnership with the new contractors and thank the community for their continued support in reducing waste, increasing recycling, and prolonging the life of our precious landfill,” said Mayor Coupland.

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