Thursday, May 30, 2024

6,800 metres of SA Water works set to flow

SA Water will soon begin work to install 6,800 metres of new water main in Port Pirie, providing a continued reliable supply of safe, clean water to local residents and businesses.

The new pipes, which are being laid beneath Aerodrome and Three Chain Road, are among 47,000 metres of water main going into the ground as part of the utility’s four-year, $155 million water main management program.

SA Water’s General Manager of Sustainable Infrastructure, Amanda Lewry said the works continue a commitment to deliver trusted water services for a sustainable and healthy South Australia.

“Ensuring our regional communities have a safe, steady water supply is crucial for quality of life and economic wellbeing,” Ms Lewry said.

“The pipe being installed in Port Pirie is made from PVC – a strong, lightweight and durable option which is resistant to corrosion and abrasions, compared to fibro-cement pipes.

“While it’s difficult to completely stop water main leaks and breaks from occurring due to soil movement, weather and a variety of other environmental factors, we are proactively working to limit their frequency and any potential impact on our customers.

“Water mains have an approximate lifespan of up to 100 years and the installation of these new pipes will help to ensure a secure supply of clean, safe drinking water to local customers well into the future.”

Construction on Three Chain Road is expected to be completed in December ahead of work on Aerodrome Road finishing early next year, with works typically occurring Monday to Friday between 7am and 5pm.

“For the safety of our people and the local community, we ask residents and road users to please take note of localised traffic management in place while the works are underway,” Amanda said.

“We will also ensure our customers are notified of any temporary water supply interruptions that are necessary when we move their connections over from the old to new pipe.”

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