Saturday, April 13, 2024

4,000+ tonnes of compost to restore Launceston landfill site

Kerbside food and organics waste collected from Launceston homes is being used in a $1.5 million environmental remediation project at the Launceston Waste Centre.

City of Launceston Council is remediating three clay borrow pits – some dating back several decades – which have been used to supply clay for the lining and capping of landfill cells.

As part of the environmental requirements for the management of the landfill site, the Council is now returning the clay borrow pits to a natural state.

Mayor, Matthew Garwood said more than 4,000 tonnes of FOGO compost material was being used in the project, with the three clay borrow pits covering a total area of 9Ha.

“This project is a great example where we’re utilising the resource generated from food and organics waste from Launceston homes to make a big difference in the environment,” Mayor Garwood said.

“Over the years, clay from these pits has been used to line landfill cells, and also as capping for landfill cells.

“This project will see the decommissioning of roads leading to the borrow pits, earth works to remediate the area, and revegetation including topsoil and seeding.”

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