Monday, February 26, 2024

$1.6m to lighten Lithgow roads bill

Lithgow Mayor, Maree Statham.

Lithgow City Council is set to receive $1.67 million in funding by the NSW Government to repair damaged local roads.

“The past two years have put a terrible strain on the resources of all Councils across the state, and this is most apparent when you see the poor condition of roads,” said Lithgow City Council Mayor, Maree Statham.

“For this reason, the announcement of a grant of $1,673,838 to Council to undertake road repairs across the area is greatly appreciated.”

The Mayor said Council had spent $17.5 million on disaster recovery to date.

“This includes minor, temporary works like pothole patching, and major projects like Coxs River Road and Wolgan Gap. The task of recovery is going to take another 24 months at least, and it will be costly.”

“With Councils spending first and most often recovering funding later there can be challenges with cash flow. For this reason, we thank the NSW Government for the provision of this funding ahead of the works being done,” she said.

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