Monday, May 27, 2024

Wollondilly launches petition for roads maintenance takeback

Wollondilly Council is calling on the NSW Government to review and reclassify 116km of its roads as state roads, launching a petition to garner local support.

“Council is investing more than ever before to fix our 870km road network, with a big focus on our major roads,” said Wollondilly Mayor, Robert Khan.

“But many of these heavily used roads really should be managed by the NSW Government, like they are for other Council areas all over the state, giving us more resources to invest in our local roads.”

Mayor Khan recently met with the Member for Wollondilly, Nathaniel Smith, who strongly supports Council’s roads request.  

Mr Smith has delivered a Private Member’s Statement to Parliament advocating that the state government take over management of the Shire’s major roads.

“Wollondilly has too many main roads for a small, growing population,” he said.

“The State Government needs to take ownership of the major roads like Remembrance Driveway, Silverdale Road, Menangle Road and Montpelier Drive so that Council can focus its limited funds on local roads for local residents.”

The roads which Council believes should become state roads are: Remembrance Driveway; Silverdale Road; Menangle Road; Wilton Road; Macarthur Drive; Finns Road; Avon Dam Road; and Woodbridge Road.

Reclassification of those roads would mean that the NSW Government would be responsible for the funding, maintenance and repairs for these high traffic volume roads.

The pressure on the road network is only expected to intensify as Wollondilly continues to grow and traffic through the Shire to other major growth centres escalates, Mayor Khan said.

This week, Mr Smith launched a petition to transfer roads from Wollondilly Council to NSW State Government. You can Sign the petition here 

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