Friday, July 19, 2024

Whyalla trials sand drift fencing

City of Whyalla Council is trialling sand drift fencing technology to collect and prevent sand leaving Whyalla Beach.

As part of the Sand Replenishment Project, the Sand Drift Fencing Trial has been implemented with a fence erected between the beach’s disabled access point and the last concrete beach access ramp in front of the Seaview CafĂ©.

The approach utilises sand drift fences, also known as sand breaks, to effectively aid in collecting and stopping sand from leaving the beach.

”We are thrilled to introduce this trial of sand drift fence installation in these new locations. The construction is not only cost-effective, and non-invasive, but it seamlessly blends into the background,” said Project Manager Landscape, Sam Bourne.

The drift fence serves a dual purpose in erosion control and stabilising sand to maintain clear walk ways. The fences also offer essential protection to planted vegetation while fostering the germination of new plant life, said Mr Bourne.

Council says the trial will span approximately two years to test for effectiveness and durability.

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