Thursday, April 25, 2024

Tweed council to boost local procurement reporting

Tweed Shire Council has resolved to improve its reporting processes to highlight the amount of goods and services being procured from local businesses.

Council said its current Procurement Policy already required local suppliers to be considered for all purchases above $50,000, and staff were encouraged to request quotations from local businesses for lower value purchases.

However, it said, this information is not publicly reported.

At its recent meeting, Council unanimously resolved to report the percentage of goods and services procured from local businesses each quarter. 

Mayor of Tweed Shire, Chris Cherry submitted the motion at the meeting.

“Council already gives preference to local providers in our procurement process – to support the local economy and minimise environmental impacts,” Mayor Cherry said.

“Council is a significant economic driver for the economy in the Tweed – and neighbouring shires – and takes this responsibility very seriously,” she said.

“A new regular performance report will ensure people can easily see exactly how much we’re spending with local businesses and what percentage of our total spend that is. Let’s do everything we can to support local suppliers and providers.”

The motion also called for a comment in the non-confidential part of Council reports, describing whether preferred bidders for tenders are local.

A quarterly report on Council’s local spend will be prepared and discussed at Council’s meeting in August.

Meanwhile, an analysis of current spending for this financial year shows at least 27% of Council’s spend was paid to businesses in the Tweed, with an additional 11% spent in the Northern Rivers (excluding the Tweed) and a combined 15% spent with Brisbane and Gold Coast-based companies. However, these figures may be higher as some payments are made to head offices in Sydney and Melbourne for goods and services provided by local suppliers. 

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