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Toowoomba gets onboard with road safety pledge

Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) is reminding residents to take notice of the 2021 National Road Safety Week message: Pledge to Drive so Others Survive.

TRC Infrastructure Services Committee chair, Councillor Carol Taylor and Infrastructure Services portfolio leader, Councillor Melissa Taylor joined Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) officers and emergency services representatives to launch the road safety campaign that runs until this Sunday.

Cr Taylor said the events were a timely reminder for all road users to give their total attention to the road and surrounding conditions every time they set off on a journey.

“National Road Safety Week firmly places the focus on our collective and individual responsibilities as road users, whether we are pedestrians, cyclists, public transport passengers, motorcyclists or motorists,” Cr Taylor said.

“Road safety is a shared responsibility, and everyone can play their part by focusing on the fatal five at all times – avoid driver distractions, avoid speeding, drink and drug driving, wear a seat belt and never drive when tired.

“There is no room for complacency. Please remember to avoid taking risks behind the wheel as you not only endanger your own life, but the lives of passengers, other motorists and road users around you.

“Improving road safety where and when possible and advocating for better road safety education is one of Council’s top priorities.”

She said Council also continues to implement the actions from its Road Safety Strategy 2019-23.

“Council’s capital works program invests in projects that enhance safety and improve traffic flow for all road users across our Region’s extensive road networks – 6,591km of sealed and unsealed roads. Council also applies for available road funding grants, including allocations under the federally funded Black Spot program, which delivers projects that reduce the incidence and severity of road traffic crashes.”

“Council also works collaboratively with TMR and thanks all emergency services agencies for the work they perform around the clock to keep our community safe,” she said.

TRC Infrastructure Services portfolio leader and Regional Active and Public Transport Advisory Committee chair, Councillor Melissa Taylor said Council was a keen supporter of initiatives such as National Walk Safely to School Day.

“Council is supportive of any program that will encourage students to be more active and learn how to walk and ride safely to and from school,” she said.

“It also will replace a reliance on car trips for short journeys and decrease congestion around schools at set-down/pick-up times.

“National Walk Safely to School Day highlights how easy it is for students and their families to incorporate and increase physical activity in their daily routines.”

National Walk Safely to School Day was hosted by Newtown State School and doubled as the launch for National Road Safety Week. The event encourages students and their families to consider walking to school as an alternative to car trips.

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