Thursday, April 25, 2024

Smart Energy Council responds to vehicle efficiency legislation

The Smart Energy Council has responded to the release of the Government’s New Vehicle Efficiency Standards legislation, saying it was pleased to see action to improve fuel efficiency in new cars sold in Australia.

“We have waited decades but finally Australia will join the rest of the world in implementing New Vehicle Efficiency Standards,” said Council Chief Executive, John Grimes.

“Until today, Russia and Australia were the only developed nations without fuel efficiency standards. Today, Vladimir Putin stands appropriately isolated.”

Mr Grimes said New Vehicle Efficiency Standards are the primary means of reducing Australia’s soaring transport emissions and urged Federal Parliament to pass the legislation as soon as possible.

“The Smart Energy Council is disappointed the proposed New Vehicle Efficiency Standards have been weakened to include some SUVs in the light commercial vehicle category, with the emissions reduction trajectory also weakened,” he said.

“Calling a Toyota Land Cruiser a light commercial vehicle does not pass the school drop off test. Toyota is Kodak on wheels – a company that has failed to modernise, wanting us all to pay the price for their poor business decisions and lack of action.”

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