Thursday, June 20, 2024

Silica awareness and safety course

To assist employers to help train workers, SafeWork NSW, in collaboration with Building Commission NSW, has developed an online Silica Awareness and Safety course.

Uncontrolled cutting and grinding of materials containing crystalline silica presents a serious risk to health.

Silica dust is a risk to council workers involved in many types of work including, but not limited to: 

  • road construction;
  • paving, surfacing or cement finishing;
  • breaking, crushing, grinding or milling material containing silica dust;
  • construction and demolition work.

Repeatedly breathing in silica dust can lead to serious illness and can be deadly. Working with materials containing silica can put workers at the potential risk of exposure if adequate controls are not in place and followed.

Training in the safe controls for silica dust are essential to preventing disease.

For more information email LGNSW Project Manager, Asbestos, Daniel Adler, or call 02 9242 4128.

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