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Shoalhaven sewer diversion no barrier to bridge project

Shoalhaven City Council has completed a major sewer main diversion, required to help facilitate the construction of the new Nowra Bridge.

Council said the diversion by Shoalhaven Water was a complex task that was critical to ensure uninterrupted sewage flow and allow Transport for NSW, Fulton Hogan and Mystold to continue with the Nowra Bridge development. 

Mayor Amanda Findley said she was proud of the work the Shoalhaven Water team had undertaken. 

“Thirteen Shoalhaven Water staff, along with head contractor, Fulton Hogan and their subcontractor successfully completed the work on the interconnection of the North Nowra Surcharge Main last week,” he said.

“The construction required Shoalhaven Water to manually operate pumping stations, draining the three kilometre long main with six pump out tankers.  

“Shoalhaven Water staff also oversaw construction of the interconnection before finally testing the main and bringing it back into service.

“I am proud to hear that even though this was a challenging job, the construction was successfully completed without a drop of sewage entering the Shoalhaven River, a testament to all involved.”

Following months of planning with Transport for NSW, Fulton Hogan and Mystold, the critical interconnection of the North Nowra Surcharge Main was completed overnight on 23-24 June.  

The North Nowra Surcharge Main transports the entirety of North Nowra’s sewage flow to the Nowra Sewage Treatment Plant, requiring the intensive process to be completed during off peak hours. The works were undertaken to create the required working area for the new road lanes to be added onto Illarroo Road.  

The works took eight hours to complete and were undertaken between 10pm and 6am to minimise disruption to the community.  

For more information about the Nowra Bridge construction visit the Transport for NSW.   

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