Thursday, May 30, 2024

Shoalhaven gets clever on climate

Shoalhaven City Council has partnered with an online sustainability platform to help support the local community to take action on climate change and lower energy and water bills.

Council says the partnership with ClimateClever – a profit-for-purpose social enterprise – gives households, schools and businesses within the Shoalhaven region free access to the organisation’s online platform.  

Using ClimateClever, you can find out how your home or building contributes to your carbon footprint, measure and reduce your electricity and water usage, waste production and carbon emissions, and track your savings over time, Council said in a statement.

It provides free tips and recommendations for actions to help save money and reduce your environmental impact, from behaviour changes, to appliance upgrades. Users can customise and manage a free action plan online, with advanced features also available to assist schools and businesses to become certified carbon neutral. 

“The aim of the ClimateClever partnership is to encourage, empower and let individuals within the community know that they can make a difference,” Council said.

“Council is excited to work with and support our community to save money, reduce emissions, and help protect our climate for future generations.”

Click for more on ClimateClever.

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