Thursday, April 25, 2024

Ross River virus detected in Griffith

Griffith City Council is advising residents and visitors in the area to take precautions to avoid mosquito bites, with the first detection of the mosquito-borne virus, Ross River, detected in a local mosquito sample.

Council’s Environmental & Public Health Coordinator, Vanessa Johns said while mosquito
numbers were declining, it is a timely reminder to the community to be vigilant to prevent mosquito bites.

“Symptoms of the Ross River Virus include muscle pain, rash, fever, headache, joint swelling, and tiredness or weakness,” Ms Johns said.

“There is no specific treatment available for Ross River virus infection. Your doctor will be able to recommend how to treat the symptoms.”

She said the best protection against all mosquito-borne viruses is to avoid getting bitten.

  • wear light, loose-fitting clothing that cover your arms and legs when outdoors. Also, wear
    socks and covered footwear, especially around dusk and dawn;
  • apply repellent to all areas of exposed skin. Use repellents that contain DEET, picaridin, or
    lemon eucalyptus oil;
  • re-apply repellent regularly, especially after swimming. Be sure to always apply sunscreen
    first and then apply repellent;
  • cover openings such as windows and doors with insect screens and make sure there are
    no gaps in them;
  • remove items that might collect water outside your house where mosquitoes can breed.
    Examples: old tyres, empty pots;
  • improve drainage on your property so that water does not become stagnant;
  • use insecticide sprays, vapour dispensing units and mosquito coils to keep mosquitos
    away. Only use mosquito coils outside.

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