Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Rockhampton council drives Diabetes Dashboard care

A new service facilitated by Rockhampton Regional Council’s SmartHub is optimising the quality of diabetes care, management, and education in the region.

Council says the Diabetes Dashboard is the next generation in digital diabetes management – an all-in-one diabetes management platform placing the person with diabetes at the centre of control of their health information.

It is designed to allow primary carers, family members, medical professionals and schools to access and follow the user’s health information, bridging the gap between information sharing and connection across the care network.

Diabetes Dashboard Founder, Matthew Doyle said the care network for a person with diabetes is large, diverse and often disconnected.

“The amount of information people with diabetes and those in their care network need to absorb can be overwhelming, and changes frequently with shifts in a person’s stage of life and modifications in best practice medical care,” Mr Doyle said.

“Over 420 million people worldwide have diabetes of some type, with Type 1 diabetes said to add 180 decisions needing to be made every single day.

“Managing diabetes is a full time job, and we wanted to streamline the process.

“Our mission for Diabetes Dashboard is to empower access to diabetes care, management and education around the world through a unified online platform.”

Rockhampton Region Mayor, Tony Williams commended the idea that he says serves all areas of a person’s care network.

“I praise Matthew for identifying a need for this kind of service and support across the health care sector,” Mayor Williams said.

“In today’s time poor society, information sharing is key to efficient and successful management of a chronic disease.

“It’s very encouraging to see the SmartHub continuing to support and help create the businesses of the future right here in the Rockhampton Region.”

For further information on Diabetes Dashboard visit

Council’s SmartHub is specifically geared at helping start-ups maximise their early stage business success by offering collaboration and learning opportunities, mentoring and affordable workspaces.

For more information contact the SmartHub on 4936 8444 or email 

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