Friday, April 26, 2024

Raising Moyne youth voices

Moyne Shire’s young people have a new way to have their voices heard and be involved in Council’s decision making process with the launch of a new youth engagement model.

Moyne Shire Councillors adopted the Moyne NextGen! as Council’s new youth engagement model at the February meeting this week, replacing the Youth Council and paving the way for a more contemporary, responsive and collaborative way of consulting with Moyne’s young people.

Moyne Shire Mayor, Ian Smith said Moyne NextGen! is the vehicle through which young people in Moyne will engage and contribute to community life, civic activities and local decision-making processes.

Moyne NextGen! aims to make sure the voice of young people is heard, understood and valued. It will help young people influence local decision-making processes and have an impact on issues that matter to them,” Mayor Smith said.

Moyne NextGen! will create opportunities for young people to contribute their opinions and ideas and help shape the shire’s economic, social, cultural and environmental future.

“I would like to thank the Moyne NextGen! panel members for their time, dedication and passion in developing the model.

“It will help to ensure that Moyne’s young people have a stronger voice and make a greater impact on our way of life in Moyne, now and into the future.”

During a series of three workshops in late 2021, 14 young people aged 16-25 years from across the shire, designed the NextGen! model – including the processes, structures, principles, rules, capabilities, resources and relationships underpinning it.

Mayor Smith said the contemporary model will allow Council to better hear from young people in the community.

“It will ensure we know what they are passionate about and hear the valuable ideas and insights, which will aid in the continued improvement of our communities,” he said.

“I encourage all young people within the Shire to have a look at the NextGen! Model, and get involved in the areas which they are interested in and passionate about.”

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