Thursday, April 25, 2024

Queenscliffe backs coastal plan

Victoria’s Borough of Queenscliffe Council has endorsed a draft of its Coastal and Marine Management Plan, and is now calling on the community to review the draft and share their feedback.

TheĀ Coastal and Marine Management Plan, developed from ideas submitted by more than 270 community consultation participants, outlines how the Borough will manage its coastal landscapes over the long term.

By considering its entire coastline in a single strategy rather than a series of isolated locations, Council will be able to balance the way it maintains infrastructure and tackles challenges like coastal erosion and climate change, it said in a statement today.

Queenscliffe Mayor Ross Ebbels said the Plan would help the Borough care for its special but fragile coasts.

“We know our residents love the Borough’s coasts, so we’re creating a long-term plan for how we’ll care for them together,” said Mayor Ebbels.

“Our draft Coastal and Marine Management Plan will help us streamline our processes to ensure maintenance and improvement works happen where they’re most needed, protecting our coasts for future generations.”

The draft plan builds on previous work completed by Council and ideas frequently suggested by Borough residents. Among the features of the plan is a pathway strategy, with consultation respondents highlighting walking and exercise as some of the most common reasons they visit the Borough’s coasts.

Other community-backed features include greater recognition of Wadawurrung and Borough heritage, auditing and preparing design standards for beach signage and infrastructure, and tailoring land management strategies on a precinct basis to respond to what residents most value about different coastal areas.

“We were able to incorporate a huge number of community ideas into our strategic planning, and we’d like to know what residents think of the draft plan,” said Mayor Ebbels.

“I’d strongly encourage anyone who loves the Borough’s coasts to read the draft and share your thoughts.”

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