Thursday, February 29, 2024

Planning amendment key to future growth says Moyne Mayor

A planning scheme amendment that strikes a balance between increasing demand for rural
living while protecting vital and productive agricultural land has taken important steps forward today, says Moyne Mayor, Karen Foster.

Moyne Shire Councillors voted at today’s meeting to adopt an independent planning panel’s recommendation into Amendment C70 and to submit it to the Minister for Planning for approval.

Mayor Foster said the amendment, if approved, would help meet growing demand for
housing in the rural living zone.

“We estimate at least 130 lots could be created where land would be rezoned from farming to rural living in areas where there is the strongest demand,” she said.

“If approved, this amendment will help Grassmere, Hawkesdale, Koroit, Crossley, Illowa, Killarney, Southern Cross, Tower Hill and Woolsthorpe grow with additional lots for housing.

“Most importantly the amendment strikes a balance between managing the increasing demand we are seeing for this type of housing while ensuring we are protecting important farmland.

“This amendment will help drive growth in these settlements while making sure we protect the agriculture industry, which is the largest economic driver for our shire and our region by directing rural living developments into appropriately zoned land.”

Mayor Foster said adopting the recommendations and sending to the Minister were the final steps in an almost seven-year process.

“This has been a significant piece of work for our teams to complete – there was an extensive period of public consultation, then the independent planning panel for us to en up at this point,” she said.

“To have an independent panel report which generally supported the amendment shows what Council is proposing makes sense, strikes the right balance and fits within planning parameters.

“This whole piece of work is about supporting our smaller settlements, increasing lots available for housing in the rural living zone while providing support needed to protect the vital economic role agriculture has in our shire and the benefits that flow onto other sectors and the wider community.”

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