Saturday, April 13, 2024

Plan to inject design excellence into Tamworth CBD

A proposed change to the Tamworth Regional Local Environmental Plan 2010 (TRLEP) to introduce design criteria for future development applications within the CBD has gone on public exhibition.

The amendment is an outcome of Tamworth Regional Council’s (TRC) innovative Blueprint 100 plan, which aims to improve the Tamworth region’s liveability through improved social, cultural and physical amenity and the facilitation of smart growth.

“The proposed change aims to ensure that any significant new development, or major additions and redevelopment of existing premises in the CBD, will take into account the overall design of the building and incorporate active frontages to key streets,” said TRC Director of Liveable Communities, Gina Vereker.

“The public exhibition of this proposal is a broadening of discussions that began in late 2021 with a number of property owners of key sites in the CBD to talk about any future development plans that they might have in relation to their properties.”

The Design Excellence Planning Proposal is unique in NSW, with Port Macquarie Hastings the only other known Local Government Area to implement a similar clause in the Local Environmental Plan.

“The major difference is that this proposal relates to the CBD precinct in Tamworth as a whole, illustrating the innovative approach to planning exhibited by this Council through the Blueprint 100 strategy,” said Ms Vereker.

The proposal will be exhibited for a period of three weeks, closing on Thursday 10 February and letters have been sent to all CBD property owners to advise them of the proposed changes.

The Design Excellence Planning Proposal will not apply to minor development nor alter the permissibility of any uses within the current zoning of the land. It is hoped that over time, similar design criteria will be applied to other precincts across the region, Ms Vereker said.

“We are interested to hear from property and business owners within the city centre regarding their feedback on the proposal.”

“We’re pleased to say that already, many stakeholders have taken the opportunity to meet with members of the land-use planning team and myself to discuss how they see their business going forward into the future.

“We have greatly appreciated hearing insights related to future development possibilities within the CBD and how Council might best support city centre growth, activation and liveability,” she said.

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