Monday, April 22, 2024

Pedalling safer roads for cyclists

Amy Gillett.

A range of subsidised and free courses about safer cycling are available to councils during October through the Amy Gillett Foundation (AGF).

The Safe Roads for Safe Cycling program, offering face-to-face training and online training options, is part of the AGF’s mission to prevent cyclist injuries and fatalities on Australian roads. 

Amy Gillett, 29, one of Australia’s top women cyclists, was killed and five of her national teammates injured when a car plowed into them as they trained in for the Tour of Thuringen cycling race in Germany in 2005.

At ALGA’s recent National Local Roads, Transport & Infrastructure Congress, delegates heard from Stuart Outhred from the AGR about the successful national program aimed at delivering long-term, safe cycling benefits. 

Australian cyclists Natalie Bates and Olivia Gollan lay flowers for Australian cyclist Amy Gillet in Zeulenroda, Germany in the days after the fatal crash in 2005.

The program currently includes two complimentary projects focusing on upskilling and education for engineers, planners and other professionals involved in local road design, and a mapping and data project to assess existing safety systems. 

Interested local governments can learn more about the Safe Roads for Safe Cycling program here

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