Friday, June 21, 2024

No ‘drinking culture’ at Redland says councillor

Redland City Councillor, Wendy Boglary, has rejected suggestions of a “drinking culture” at the Council following last week’s shock drink driving incident involving Mayor, Karen Williams.

The Mayor crashed her car into a tree and fence on Thursday evening after consuming “several” glasses of wine on Council premises.

The collision followed an online call the Mayor had hosted with local families of loved ones killed by drunk drivers as part of her efforts to strengthen juvenile crime laws.

In an online post, Division One Councillor Boglary described the Mayor’s actions as “horrific” and “disgusting”.

“A drinking culture within council has been mentioned – no, there isn’t a drinking culture however some individual councillors do have drinks in the councillor lounge,” she wrote.

“I know other councillors including myself have expressed this is not suitable behaviour. I would like to think the Council buildings could be an alcohol-free building and this includes the councillor lounge.

“I also would ask that Karen Williams resigns as drink driving is not, in any circumstance, acceptable but the events leading to this event make it even more disgusting.”

Council was meeting today to discuss the Mayor’s future.

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