Wednesday, April 24, 2024

New playground rides wave of fun

A new playground at Leighton Beach Reserve has been well-received by some of the littlest locals, according to City of Fremantle Council.

The Little Art Play Place, created by Landscape Australia Construction and Scape-ism, features a 2.7metre-long dolphin riding on the crest of a climbable wave.

Council’s project team asked for community input into the type of play equipment to be installed at the park.

It says the feedback favoured ‘natural’-looking, marine-themed, with sliding and climbing features, which has been reflected in the finished product.

Fremantle Mayor, Hannah Fitzhardinge praised the design process.

“As part of the public consultation we asked children to draw their ideas for a new playground. We had some quite creative ones, including Mermaid World and a Seashell Shop, but mostly people wanted to see some sort of connection to the ocean,” she said.

The playground was built over six weeks this summer and culminated in the transportation by truck of the fully constructed dolphin from Scape-ism’s Beaconsfield workshop.

The play area features a climbable dolphin that promotes balance and fine motor skills while doubling as a cubby shelter. There’s also a water slide and smaller rideable dolphins tailored for younger children’s enjoyment.

Shade sails and trees will be added to the playground in the coming weeks.

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