Friday, June 21, 2024

New funding paves way for street events

Councils across the state are being encouraged to hold more community events, with assistance from the NSW Government’s Open Streets program.

Councils can apply for up to $150,000 to facilitate the closure of streets to vehicles to host creative and cultural events that are free to access and safe to enjoy.

Depending on the community and the location, this could include markets, live performances, outdoor dining, artistic installations or street parties.

“The NSW Government’s number one priority is helping people across NSW with cost of living pressures. These grants combined with the Government’s regulatory reform will cut costs associated with street events. That is great news right now for a community under financial pressure,” said NSW Minister for Roads, John Graham.

“People want to be able to use their streets and public spaces – they own them. Open Streets provides an opportunity for councils, local businesses, and creatives to work together and play a part in invigorating and making the most of their local streets.

“Streets can be transformed into destinations themselves where people can spend time outside, socialise, connect and support their local community right across NSW.

“This $4.5 million in funding from the Open Streets program will go a long way to allowing councils to enact plans previously beyond their financial reach.”

Open Streets is part of the NSW Government’s $15 million Vibrant Streets package.

Applications open on Monday, with activities and events funded under the program to be held by January 2025. 

For more information visit Vibrant Streets Package.

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