Friday, July 19, 2024

New fines system to streamline Hills Shire parking

In an effort to streamline the management of parking infringement collection, The Hills Shire Council in NSW has introduced integrated parking compliance technology solution, vCompliance, to work in conjunction with the NSW State Government’s Print and Post program.

vCompliance – one of several products offered by Australian parking technology company, Smarter City Solutions – is a platform used by parking officers to record and send necessary evidence to Revenue NSW, who are then able to expedite the parking fines to motorists in a more timely manner. 

The integration of the technology replaces the more traditional, manual method of processing infringement notices.

Council General Manager, Michael Edgar said the program was the perfect example of using technology to improve processes and provide better service delivery, reliability and quality in an environment that also enhances safety.

“The Print and Post program provides a seamless solution, making it more efficient whilst maintaining accuracy,” Mr Edgar said. 

“As this technology becomes proven over time, I am confident other regulators will see the advantages,” he added.  

Head of Business Development for Smarter City Solutions, Michael Doherty said the Smarter City Solutions team were leaders in tailoring solutions for clients by developing intelligent and customised technologies which can be integrated with both contemporary and legacy systems.

“In NSW, it is mandatory that local councils submit evidence of a parking infringement to the government in order for Revenue NSW to issue the fine, which is a hassle for councils and causes an unnecessary burden for motorists,” Mr Doherty said.

“vCompliance minimises the input required by a Council into the process and ensures that they can confidently opt in to Revenue NSW’s new initiative and expect a seamless and streamlined parking infringement process.”

He said vCompliance had multiple applications and was a scalable solution for municipalities that allowed efficient and resilient mobile parking enforcement. License plate recognition technology is integrated with a smartphone enforcement app, real-time data verification and Bluetooth belt printers to facilitate seamless issuance of infringements and parking audits.

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