Thursday, April 25, 2024

New economic group to drive Georges River opportunities

Georges River Council has hosted its first Economic Leadership Group (ELG) meeting.

The Council says the ELG will enable it to draw on the perspectives of business leaders, business associations and key industry networks. With the aim of contributing to the economic success of Georges River, the ELG will enable exchange and consultation between Council and key business / industry representatives, Council said in a statement.

The Group discussed the importance of advocacy and how to create stronger alignments with the priorities of businesses and industries. Council says there was strong interest in how to achieve significant investment attraction in the region and the desire to create a stronger and more diverse nighttime economy that supported village economics.

The members presented a meaningful discussion around when actions are implemented to consider a range of topics. These included supporting inclusive and accessible approaches to active transport, understanding current social issues in the region, and creating a brand which is representative of the community. The members were future focussed with the desire to uplift and support the growth of the Georges River Region.

The group welcomed Eamon Waterford, the CEO of Committee for Sydney – Sydney’s leading policy think tank – to discuss the importance of creating a new narrative for Sydney and how we need to promote our offering as a community.

“Places are about people, not things, and how we can better engage with the human experience. I commend Georges River Council and the region for supporting and recognising the value of our diversity,” he said.

The Group consists of:

  • Adam Malouf – COO and Vice-President (Operations), University of Wollongong
  • Aku King – Business Development Officer, TAFE NSW
  • Andrew Chen – Management Consultant, McKinsey
  • Annette Brodie – Founder and CEO, The Reconnect Project
  • Beau Curtis – Founder / Owner, The Social Brewers
  • Jeremy Stone – Director, Netstrata
  • Manjula Silva – Senior Executive, Eagers Automotive
  • Michael Coombes – CEO and Executive Director, Coombes Property Group
  • Natalie Rose – CEO and Artistic Director, Shopfront Arts
  • Tom Golodovski – Major Retail Employer, EB Games
  • Tony Baddour – President, St George Business Chamber

Council says the ELG is set to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the Georges River economy, focusing on four key objectives:

  1. Supporting Business Engagement: Foster key partnerships, connect with business networks, and collaborate with industry sectors to address challenges affecting economic growth.
  2. Strategic advice: Provide Council with expert insights and guidance on current opportunities and challenges relevant to the Georges River economy.
  3. Advocacy: Partner with Council to attract new businesses, investments, and jobs to the local area.
  4. Vision: Contribute to the development and implementation of a new Economic Development Strategy for the Georges River Council area.

The next ELG meeting will occur on Monday 6 May.

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