Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Mornington smart parking trial saving drivers real time

Mornington Peninsula Shire Council’s Smart Parking trial is already having an impact by reducing congestion in the busy precinct and helping drivers to find a car park more easily.
Launched in late December 2020, 100 in-ground sensors were installed throughout Mornington as part of the six-month trial.

“The trial aims to make accessing Mornington easier and more convenient, while providing a better parking experience for both residents and tourists,” said Mayor and Briars Ward Councillor, Despi O’Connor.
“We’re surprised by the amount of overstayed parking in Mornington,” she said.

“Between January and February alone there were 6,700 overstays, with around 2,400 of these staying more than 30 minutes above the prescribed time limit.

“We are confident this smart parking technology will help us to increase parking availability and improve convenience and fairness for drivers.”

Now that Main Street has been reopened, Council will relocate around 50 sensors from side streets to Main Street between the Esplanade and Barkly Street.

“The trial will also help to gain more insight on parking behaviours and management and assess the suitability of long-term smart parking technology in Mornington,” said Briars Ward Councillor, Steve Holland.
“We are committed to increasing access to parking spots by providing fairer, easier access to the limited amount of car parks, especially during peak periods.”

This is the second township to trial smart parking on the Peninsula. In the past two summers, the Shire trialled similar technology in Rye. 
Visit to learn more about both projects.


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