Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Mildura youth parliament team get on board bus service return

Mildura Rural City Council’s 2022 YMCA Youth Parliament team has started work on a Bill to reinstate passenger rail services between Mildura and Melbourne.

The team’s Bill focuses on a train service that would provide “low cost, consistent and accessible transport to a neglected regional population in the Mallee, as well as regional towns along the way”.

The YMCA Youth Parliament program provides an opportunity for young Victorians to develop and research a Bill before debating it over three days in the Victorian Parliament in September.

This year’s Mildura Youth Parliament team (pictured) features Rory Peterson, Tahiba Mirzaee, Trey Peirce, Turishaa Suresh and returning member Aimee Ablett.

As part of developing their Bill, the Mildura team will receive training in public speaking and leadership at residential camps. They’ll also spend at least five hours each week working on their Bill and speech-writing, which is in addition to the residential camps.

Mildura Mayor, Liam Wood said the program was a great way for young people to develop personally and professionally, as well as shining a light on their achievements.

“Each year, we see an impressive group of young people from our region stepping forward to be part of the Youth Parliament program, which shows our younger residents really do care and think about issues important to our community,” Mayor Wood said.

“It also shows they’re willing to stand up and take action on issues they’re passionate about, which our community should be very proud of, and bodes well for our region’s future.”

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