Friday, July 8, 2022

Methane-busting seaweed on the menu for Cleve

District Council of Cleve Mayor, Phil Cameron has welcomed a Commonwealth Government commitment of $3.8 million to develop stock feed from native seaweed.

The funding will be provided to CH4 South Australia Pty Ltd and the University of South Australia, to develop the stock feed from seaweed grown and harvested in Arno Bay.

Announced as part of the Federal Government’s Securing Raw Materials Program, the native seaweed based feed can dramatically reduce dangerous methane production from farm animals, said Mayor Cameron.

“Australian research has shown replacing 3% of a cow’s diet with a type of seaweed native to this region has resulted in up to an 80% decrease in methane emissions,” he said.

“Council has a bold vision to champion and embrace new technologies that are of a global impact, projects that can create new industries, new local jobs and help mitigate global warning.

“This is a fantastic example of future, leading edge 21st century, green practices.”

He said the Council had been working closely with CH4 for two years on the seaweed feed project.

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