Thursday, June 20, 2024

Meet City of Canada Bay’s high-flying new residents

A pair of vulnerable Easternn Osprey have found a new home atop a 22-metre light pole in Majors Bay Reserve in Concord.

Osprey are fish-eating birds of prey whose wings can span a whopping 1.2 metres.

“Similarly to Bar-tailed Godwits, they are protected in NSW and are sensitive to disturbances like drones so please help us look after this unique species by keeping your distance from their nest,” the City of Canada Bay Council said in a statement.

“The City of Canada Bay is lucky to be home to over 260 flora and fauna species, including more than 80 bird species – 79 of those native to Australia. From the common Superb Fairywrens to the remarkable Eastern Ospreys, birds play an essential role in our ecosystem.”

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